SniperSpy Coupon Code

SniperSpySniperSpy is the ultimate in spy software when it comes to monitoring a user’s activities on a remote personal computer. The software has so many features that it lets you get down to the small details as what the person using the monitored PC is really doing.

Who uses SniperSpy? If you are a parent or employer, you will definitely want to use SniperSpy. Parents are always concerned about what their children are really doing on their PCs. Likewise, employers want to insure that company computers are used for work purposes only. In fact, companies commonly use spy software on their business computers to enforce policy as to their use.

Did you know that you can get a price reduction of $12 off the purchase price of a SniperSpy 12-month license? Well, you can with the special SniperSpy discount coupon and here’s how in three simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the applicable purchase link.

You have two choices when it comes to purchasing SniperSpy. You can purchase it for Macintosh or Windows computers. The price is the same. Just make sure that you click on the correct link because it will take you to the order page that you need.

Purchase SniperSpy

Step 2: Tell SniperSpy how you are going to pay.

You’ll see the thumbnail on the purchase page that shows the SniperSpy package. Basically in this step, you need to provide your billing information and how you would like to pay. The SniperSpy product can be purchased using PayPal or a credit card.

Step 3: Tell SniperSpy that you have a discount coupon.

On the purchase page, you will notice a checkbox labeled “I have a discount coupon.” One way to communicate this fact is by checking the box and entering the discount coupon code. You can find your coupon code here:

Press the enter key after checking the box and you will see the new discounted price for SniperSpy.

SniperSpy Discounted Price

Step 4: Fill out the remaining items.

You’ll notice three checkboxes at the bottom of the order page with some very important questions. You need to check them before pressing continue. These questions ask you:

  • If you agree to the SniperSpy legal requirements
  • Acknowledgement that no refund will be given for third-party software issues
  • Verification that the operating system version on the computer to be monitored is compatible with SniperSpy.

Check these boxes after verifying the facts and press continue.

Step 5: Confirmation on the final order page.

Once you’ve pressed the continue button, you will be directed to the final order page. If everything is in order, your payment will be processed and you will on your way to downloading SniperSpy and installing it on the computer to be monitored.

You will get an email from SniperSpy with more instructions. Basically what remains is to download the app and install it on the computer to be monitored.

The discount from SniperSpy cannot be matched. If you are a concerned parent or an employer who wants to make sure that the computers you are responsible for are used within the parameters you set then you need SniperSpy. Don’t delay and order your subscription with the discount code right away.